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Selling is both an Art and a Science. Your real estate agent will help you determine how much your house could sell for, what changes can be made in order to maximize the sales price, and how to best market your house. Our agents are skilled and creative negotiators who love creating win-win solutions for both parties. You can relax because we effectively manage the various details of selling your home and the moving process.

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A good agent is a good listener, we help you determine what's important to you in a home and neighborhood. Once you find the home that works for you, we help you write the offer and negotiate the most favorable terms. Once the offer is accepted, we help guide you through the inspection and appraisal process. Your real estate agent is a critical piece of the home buying process, and we will be there to guide and advise you through every step.

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Need help finding a great rental? Our experienced agents will take the time to get to know you and your specific housing/lifestyle needs. We then work to identify and tour homes for you that meet your criteria. This is a critical service for those living out of town, new to Portland, or local professionals who need help finding that perfect place to call home.

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Find Your Ideal Dallas Neighborhood

Find your ideal neighborhood in Dallas! Use this handy neighborhood search tool developed by the Dallas Morning News. In their ongoing Best in DFW series, The Dallas Morning News has analyzed quality-of-life issues across the region to help you identify the best Dallas-area neighborhoods for you. It allows you to explore Dallas areas providing ratings for categories such as: schools, parks, safety, affordability, walkability, activities, commute, etc.

A great tool for anyone relocating to the DFW area! And for those already here and ready to find a new community that’s just right for them.

The Best DFW Neighborhoods

Or use this link to create a list of the Top 10 neighborhoods for you! Simply reflect your priorities in a list of categories – scoring each category between 1 and 10. Then let the “Compare Neighborhoods” tool show you what’s the best fit for you and your family. Couldn’t be easier!

Top 10 Neighborhoods For You!

The Best Dallas Neighborhoods

Frisco ISD knows good schools. The Collin County district again dominates the Dallas Morning News’ rankings: Six of the 10 best neighborhoods for schools send their young residents to the district’s campuses.

Among those, Central Plano is at the head of the class. The northern section of the city, just south of State Highway 121, is the best neighborhood for public schools, according to The News’ ranking, which was based on state test scores as well as a statistical model that considers student improvement over time. In addition to strong Plano ISD schools, Central Plano benefits from a handful of Frisco ISD campuses, including Anderson, Taylor, Borchardt and Riddle elementaries and Fowler Middle School. Some students who live in Central Plano attend Vandeventer Middle School and Liberty High School, which are in Frisco. Beyond top schools, Central Plano families live close to some of the city’s best parks and athletic complexes, including Russell Creek Park and Heritage Yards at Plano. Neighborhoods are also close to corporate campuses in West Plano, allowing easy commutes that help families get to after-school activities.

By Laurie Fox

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Top 10 Healthiest Dallas Neighborhoods

The small Denton County town of Aubrey is a breath of fresh air for health enthusiasts. The area offers some of the purest air and water in all of North Texas. It’s that lack of pollution combined with miles of hike, bike and equestrian trails, as well as proximity to Ray Roberts State Park and Lewisville Lake, that make it the healthiest neighborhood in North Texas. Outdoor enthusiasts are attracted by Aubrey’s abundant trees and rural atmosphere.

The area on State Highway 377 north of Denton is sometimes referred to as “Horse Country USA” because of the number of horse trainers and breeders who have ranches there. The Dallas Morning News examined air quality, places to work out, availability of trails and access to healthful food to determine the rankings. Pollution data from the Environmental Protection Agency was used along with maps of gyms, country clubs, athletic facilities, trails and grocery stores to come up with those measures.

The others in the top 10 are as followed

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Five Great Dallas Neighborhoods


Located immediately north of downtown Dallas and west of North Central Expressway, this fashionable neighborhood is teeming with young professionals and empty-nesters looking for an urban lifestyle. During the late 1800s, the area was home to prominent businessmen, who uses streetcars to commute downtown, and to post-Emancipation Freedman's Town. Freedman's Memorial provides a historical reminder, though the area is now better known as the State-Thomas neighborhood.

Prompted by city tax incentives, Uptown began its current development phase in the early 1990s. Mid-rise apartments and townhouses rule, though a handful of luxury high-rise options are available. Few single-home structures remain, and many have been converted into offices, shops or cafes. Folks looking to buy will find the most options around $300,000 to $400,000 for a two-bedroom condo, although the sky's the limit when it comes to luxury homes.

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